recent ⤸

2018. “On the Teaching of Ethics from Polemo to Arcesilaus.” Études platoniciennes. 

2018. “Making Sense of Citizen Dissent.” Amor MundiHannah Arendt Center Newsletter.

2018. “Renaissance Skepticism.” In M. Garbi (ed.), Encyclopedia of Renaissance Philosophy.

2017. “Plato and the Freedom of the New Academy.” In D. Layne, F. Renaud, and H. Tarrant (eds.), Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Plato in Antiquity.

2017. “In the Spirit of Disruptive Action: A Stand Against Torture.” Public Seminar.


before 2017 ⤸

2016. “Abolishing the World As It Is,” Amor Mundi: Hannah Arendt Center Newsletter.

2016. “Becoming Like a Woman: Philosophy in Plato’s Theaetetus.” Epochê: A Journal for the History of Philosophy. Online First 25 August 2016. DOI: 10.5840/epoche201681663

2016. “The Platonism of Hannah Arendt,” Amor Mundi: Hannah Arendt Center Newsletter.

2016. Review of D. Ambuel, Turtles All the Way Down: On Plato’s Theaetetus, a Commentary and Translation (Academia Verlag, 2015) in Bryn Mawr Classical Review. 

2016. “Two Kinds of Belief for Classical Academic Skepticism.” In B. Rebiger (ed.), Yearbook of the Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies (De Gruyter), 7-22.

2016. Review of S. JohnsonAmerican Dionysia: Violence, Tragedy, and Democratic Politics (Cambridge University Press, 2015) in Contemporary Political Theory. 

2015. “Dianoetic Laughter,” Amor Mundi: Hannah Arendt Center Newsletter.

2015. “Blinded by Her Own Petards: K.T. Gines’ Hannah Arendt and the Negro Question,” Journal of the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and the Humanities 3: 151-57.

2015. “Busy Nobody,” Amor Mundi: Hannah Arendt Center Newsletter.

2014. “The Socratic Benevolence of Arcesilaus’ Dialectic.” Ancient Philosophy 34 (2): 341-63.

2008. “La psychanalyse et le problème de la métaphysique,” L’Infini 104 (Automne): 97-110. 



New School for Social Research, Ph.D. in Philosophy, 2014


conference presentations 

May 2017. “Academic Scepticism and the Teachability of Practical Ethics.” International Conference on Scepticism. Universität Hamburg
April 2017. Working Panel, Aristotle and the Nonhuman Other. Annual Conference of the Ancient Philosophy Society, Baylor University
April 2016. “Philosophy in Plato’s Theaetetus,” Annual Conference of the Ancient Philosophy Society, Colby College
December 2015. “Thoughtlessness and Metaphysical Considerations,” Hannah Arendt Conference: Forty Years After, Sciences Politiques
November 2015. “The Metaphysical Truth of Academic Skepticism,” Dialectical Evening at the Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies
April 2015. “Natality and Its Vicissitudes,” Hannah Arendt Center Lunch Time Talk, Bard College
April 2014. Comments on Professor Robert Metcalf’s “The Situation of Epistemology in Plato’s Theaetetus,” Ancient Philosophy Society



2014. Hans Jonas Memorial Dissertation Award for Philosophy, NSSR
2012-4. University Teaching Fellowship, The New School
2012-3. Holocaust Memorial Dissertation Fellowship, NSSR


some courses taught 

Ancient Philosophy (The New School)
Introduction to Philosophy (CUNY)
Critical Thinking (NJCU)
Contemporary Moral Issues (NJCU)
The Problem of Socratic Citizenship (Bard)
Greek Translation (Plato and Aristotle) (The New School)
Skeptical Thought in Antiquity (Hamburg)



Institute of Classical Studies, University of London, Visiting Fellow, 2019
American University in Bulgaria, Visiting Assist. Professor, Spring 2018
Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies, U. Hamburg, Fellow, 2015-17
Hannah Arendt Center, Bard College, Associate Fellow, 2015-present
Hannah Arendt Center, Bard College, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2014-15
Bard Prison Initiative, Bard College, Teaching Fellow, 2014-15